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Verum Ultimum Gallery, Portland, OR
Group Show, 7th Annual Abstract Catalyst - Sept - Nov 2020

J. Pepin Art Gallery, Portland, OR

Solo Show, Imaginarium - March 2022

Solo Show, Opulent Confluence - February 2019

Group Show, Winter Salon - December 2018 - January 2019

Group Show, 5th Anniversary Exhibit - September - Oct 2018

Group Show, May 2018 - July 2018

Group Show, February 2018 - March 2018

Group Show, Winter Salon - December 2017 - January 2018

Group Show, 4th Anniversary Exhibit - September - Oct 2017

Solo Show, Connection Amidst Chaos - August 2017

Group Show, Summer Exhibit - June - July 2017
Group Show, Spring Exhibit - March - April 2017

Group Show, Winter Exhibit - November 2016 - January 2017

Group Show, Turning Three September 2016

Solo Show, Identifying Capacity August 2016

Group Show, Summer Exhibit July 2016

Group Show, Spring Exhibit May 2016

Group Show, March Exhibit March 2016

Group Show, New Year Exhibit January 2016

Group Show, Winter Exhibit November 2015

Group Show, Turning Two September 2015

Solo show, Intuition and Metaphyscial Musings August 2015

Group Show, Summer Exhibit July 2015

Group Show, The Vicissitude of the Seasons March - April 2015

Group Show, Winter Exhibit January 2015

Solo show, A Mythic Narrative November - December 2014

Group Show, First Anniversary - September 2014

Group Show, Winter Exhibit January - February 2014

Solo show, Antithetical Elements - December 2013

Group Show, Opening Exhibit - September 2013

University of Oregon Cultural Center

Group Exhibit, Transcendence February 2016


Bridgeport Brewery, Portland, OR

Featured Artist October - November 2013





"Foster's work, in short, is incredible.  His meditated use of vibrant colors and deeper earth tones dazzled as the show managed to convey his extensive vision, elucidating the dreamlike quality of his aesthetic.  The rich tones in many of Foster's pieces seem to mirror the color palette of the natural world, while the textured layering also lends an organic quality to the work."

- Review of August 2015 Exhibit; Sylvia Chase, Blogger



My art is an exploration of process and my subconscious. It is very intuitive and instinctual. I experiment with different mediums frequently. I embrace new direction and change. The adventures of a new alchemy and the nature of something is always an inspiration to me. The way I feel in my body is important to my work and really dictates the emotional choices of my palette and texture.

My process will change if the medium I am working with changes. I build my process around and according to the nature of the material I am using. But process has been one of the fundamental freedoms that has afforded me a lot more confidence in my work. Without process you're lost. In a way, my art is all about process. It's the art of process and materials.

Making art benefits my life and feeds my soul. Embracing the unpredictable nature of the material I am working with and allowing the work to change and take on its own life is what I live for. It's almost very zen in a way, like tapping into a bigger part of your own personal understanding. It seems the more you practice living in the moment, the better you get at loving yourself. Instead of "mistakes" you embrace the new direction and your capacity for wisdom grows.

It's always very interesting to me when the image coming to fruition is somehow familiar like a vague memory or feeling of the past.  My hope is that while conveying this, the viewer finds their own personal meaning and interpretation of my work.




Chris Foster painted during most of his youth, inspired by early impressionists. His love of art took on various forms of expression throughout his life. In his teenage and young adult years he pursued music, film, and cooking.  After living in New Orleans and eleven years in New York City, Chris moved to Portland where he rediscovered his love of painting. He currently lives in Bellingham, WA.

He is self-taught and has experimented with many mediums from oil, pastels, acrylic, ink, encaustic, and cold wax.  His work combines many of the techniques he has developed from working with the various mediums. 


Chris is currently represented by J. Pepin Art Gallery.


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